The Market is moving rapidly,
is your strategic planning keeping up?

Do you need a more AGILE approach?

Traditional Strategy Days have two outcomes, a great day with a lot of output that is forgotten the next day in a hail of emails and distractions; or a talkfest with no actionable outcomes.

What you need is a productive collaborative process, that not only captures your key priorities, it translates them into a actionable milestones, all recorded in transparent simple software, to ensure effective implementation and success.

Welcome to STRAGILE, creating fast, focused and flexible organisations.


A Licensed 7-Step Strategic Mapping Process where you, with a Strategic Facilitator, will collaboratively build a 3-Year Map in a Day! (Yes, that is possible) The outputs are then captured in your Licensed Cloud Software for transparency, accountability and simple implementation. The actions and outputs are then re-calibrated by your Strategic Facilitator every 90 days creating an agile and adaptive learning process, over a 12-Months.

Who's it for?

Any company who wants to improve their performance and create a clear roadmap to a successful future. The process leverages the collective wisdom and in the process creates a great sense of collaboration and engagement. It’s as good for culture as it is for strategy! Whether you have 10 staff or 10,000 it is equally applicable.

Let's do it! ❯

What are the Outcomes?


  • Three year Strategic Map, with measurable outcomes.
  • Strategic investments identified.
  • One-Year milestones and responsible owners.
  • 90 Day Goals.
  • Unified agreement on direction.
  • A transparent cloud based monitoring system.

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Some of Our Clients

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Unlike alternative approaches I have used in the past, Mark’s methodology not just acknowledges the need for strategic agility but empowers it, providing the best possible balance of proactive strategic planning with the realities of responding to a dynamic tactical environment. I can’t recommend Mark and his Stragile software solution highly enough.

Joshua Sparks,
Founder and CEO, Thr1ve

Green Homes Australia has been working with Stragile for the past 2 years and the benefits are clear and tangible. Our direction and commitment to goals has been measurable and our management team has achieved well in advance of our predictions and this is purely due to the ability to focus on the agreed united tasks that are easily understood and visualised by all involved

Mick Fabar,
Managing Director, Green Homes Australia